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IVR & EVV Training, how to clock in and out (English)
IVR & EVV Training, how to clock in and out (Spanish)
EVV Clocking and out using the HHA exchange app (English)
EVV Clocking and out using the HHA exchange app (Spanish)



What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. 
Visits will be registered to the client’s home address when caregivers call using the client’s phone. 

How is IVR Achieved?

The caregiver calls from the client’s phone to clock in and clock out of their visit. The caller ID is used to compare against the client’s registered phone number and if they match, the visit is confirmed with the schedule information. Note that the caregiver needs to both clock in and clock out, and the location is verified on both ends.

What is EVV?

EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification.  The caregiver needs to use technology to prove that they performed their home care visits.

How is EVV Achieved?

Via HHAeXchange App for clocking in and out. The verification is done by comparing the GPS location of the caregiver’s mobile phone at the time of clock in and clock out with the GPS. 

Plan of Care (POC) DUTIES

Upon clocking out using IVR or EVV caregivers MUST enter ALL of the duties that they have performed for each client and for each shift. Duty codes are included in the client’s Plan of Care (POC) form.   Failure to enter the duties will prevent the caregiver’s clock out from registering, creating an issue. 

Emergency Timesheets

Emergency Timesheets may be used to register shifts when IVR and the HHAeXchange App are unsuccessful. Time Sheets must be manually filled out as instructed. Please note that manual entries have a higher chance of errors. Timesheets must be emailed to or faxed at 212-587-3298 by 12:00 pm on the following Monday. It is strongly recommended that it be faxed or scanned to the email as sometimes pictures can be unclear. If it must be sent as a picture, the caregiver must ensure that the picture is clear and must be able to see all four corners with nothing in the background.  If the picture is not clear, caregivers may need to retake and resubmit, which means payments could be delayed.

New Rules

As of 1/1/21 newly hired caregivers, direct deposit will be processed only after they’ve successfully clocked in and out for (2) two weeks. 
Effective 7/1/2021 Platinum Home Care will remove all current caregivers’ direct deposits that are not clocking and out of each shift.  
All emergency timesheets are due on Monday by 12:00 PM 
All caregivers MUST come into the office to pick up an emergency timesheet in person
Emergency timesheets will be stamped with the date they are picked up by our office staff. 
Emergency timesheets will not be sent out
All caregivers have 14 days to return the emergency sheet for processing from the date caregiver serviced the patient. Must have the patient’s signature.
Below are the instructions and video on setting up the HHA
Exchange app for EVV remotely: 
1 Go to your App Store/Play Store 
3 Select DOWNLOAD 
4 Once downloaded-go to the app
5 Select SIGN UP 
6 Enter an email address and create a password and enter it twice. 
7 Select Sign up 
8 Once done return to the Main Page 
9 Enter your email address and password you have created. 
10 Click on the three dots on your upper right-hand corner. 
12 Enter your information.
13 Select done - Wait for confirmation of caregiver Mobile/Portal ID
14 Please email the Mobile/Portal ID to so the EVV team can register you to Platinum Home Care.