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Platinum provides our Home Health Aides
with some of the best benefits in the industry.

How much will I get Paid

As much as $18.60 hourly plus benefits. Benefit conditions apply.
Daily through InstaPay*

*Conditions apply

Get paid instantly

With our very own InstaPay aides have the option of being paid instantly! If an aide ever needs to cash out part of there salary early, Just download the app and request an instant transfer.

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Benefits Platinum Offers

$18.60 an hour for the first 40 hours worked

Instant Pay

Life Insurance

$27.90 Overtime

Paid Time O (PTO)

401K Plan

$20.60 an hour for holidays

$30 per month clothing allowance

Free cell phone with a paid plan

$150-$200 Referral bonus after the referred HHA/PCA worked 7 days

Union HHWA Local 1660 includes additional benefits, deals, and discounts.

Full Coverage Health Benefits, which include vision, hearing, and dental.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

What our aide’s are saying

Personalmente yo recomiendo esta agencia para el servicio de cuidado a los pasientes, y como empleada, no tengo ninguna queja. La agencia es responsable, atenta, y comprensible en situaciones de emergencias tanto como del paciente oh empleados


I‘ve been working in the home care employment field for the past 1 years and have never ever felt as happy about my job as I feel at the Platimum Home Care The agency took a great care of the employees during the Covid timing, we always had all the necessary supplies and support we needed.

Angela Montas